To the newly minted HS Class of 2018

Be happy.

Whether college is calling you, or you are making your place in the workplace, remember this. Too many people focus on their college or their career so intently that they forget to be happy on the way.

That does not mean that there won’t be times when you work unceasingly to get something done on time, but it does mean that at least you realize you sacrificed something to do that, something that you want to get back.

You will have friends and/or roommates who take it too far the other way and party all the time. As tempting as it is, this way is as damaging as working all the time is.

Strive for balance. If you are a workaholic, schedule your “down time” along with your work time and then stick to it. If you are a “last minute” kind of person…change. The stress of living from deadline to deadline is immense. You don’t want to go there.

I wish you balance in your life. I pray that, whatever you do, you are happy with your choice and with the people that share it with you.

God bless you.

Mr. B.




I am a soul lost, forgotten

A single ember waiting

To explode into flame


A wanderer through the world

Desiring truth, finding little

Seeking hope from those with none


But I am not despondent

I do not fear what comes

The future brightens, not dims


My faith stands firm

Amidst ravaging seas

Among the destroyers it perseveres


Today, I live

Today, I strive

Today, I am


Bruce Baker, 2017

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