An old friend of mine, State Senator Keith Leftwich (deceased) once told me that “You never mention your opponent in your advertising. Words are power, and you shouldn’t pay someone to give your opponent name recognition.”

Keith had a point. This morning, I was thinking about the District 2 Congressional race. The first name I thought of was Stephanie Bice. For a moment, I wondered why her name came up first. The answer? I saw an attack ad from the Horn campaign last night before I went to bed. Words are power indeed.

For both Democrats and Republicans, this may be a problem. A quick survey of Facebook showed twenty mentions of Trump and only five for Biden. All of them negative. Why? Is there any Republican who hasn’t heard about Joe’s age, or potential senility (real or imagined), or that he has been in office for most of our lives? I am guessing that the answer is no.

Same thing on the Democratic side. If there is any party member who hasn’t heard ad nauseum the litany against Trump, he or she is probably dead. With Trump, the situation is even worse. There is basically nothing being said about him today that wasn’t said four years ago…and he won.

More importantly, is there any member of either party who doesn’t turn off the negative vibes about their own candidate? I think not.

Wouldn’t it be better to PROMOTE your candidate rather than tear the other one down? Tell us what your person stands for. What will they do? What have they done? Go after the independents with positives about your party and your position.

Whoops, I said the “I” word, independent. Right now, in the USA there are more independents than there are Democrats, or Republicans. These are people who have lost faith in the party, and vote for the person. Without them, neither party can pull together a majority of the voting population which makes them pretty important, right? 

Never forget what Keith said while putting up signs years ago. Words have power. Always have, always will.


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