Play the game

It seems that much of our lives are spent playing games. Children interact in physical games, party games, even math games, but as adults we graduate to a much different form of play. 

For us, it would seem, everything is a game.   When applying for a job, we game the system to get our resume or CV to the top of the pile and assure an interview.  In our jobs, we compete with other workers for the choice assignments and play our accomplishments to our advantage at evaluation time. 

Games go far beyond this however.  We often play “make believe” when we are trying to get a date with a certain person, reinventing ourselves into something other than what we are.  Unfortunately, this type of gaming requires us to continue the charade for the duration of the relationship which is often not very long indeed. 

Many of the relationships laying on the scrap pile could have been avoided had the two parties really gotten to know one another – dug deep to uncover the true person beneath the façade. 

Sometimes the only way to win is not to play the game.  Be real.


Play the Game by Bruce Baker

  • Win at all cost
  • No pain, no gain
  • Push to the limits
  •                 Play the game
  • Tell her she’s beautiful
  • Tell her she’s perfect
  • Tell her you love her
  •                 Play the game
  • Pray to God
  • Fill the basket
  • Cheat your neighbor
  •                 Play the game
  • Have the biggest house
  • Have the best car
  • Have the best job on the 50th floor
  • Work until your body drops

  •                 Play the game







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